Chimney Rock 2013

Brian first brought me up to Chimney Rock Park in Lake Lure, NC when we were first dating. (I have since learned that he has brought many a girlfriend here in the past). And just like going to Pawley's Island every year, we made it a Walker Family Tradition.

Here's Jaina on her first visit:

And baby Jayce on his second visit:

So we had to take a picture of Jocelyn's first visit, too :)

She was about to fall asleep at that point.

And for my babywearing friends, I have to note the progression of the baby carriers. With Jaina, we used a Snugli. It was cheap. She liked it. I had no idea about "crotch danglers" or any alternatives.

With Jayce, I bought a used Baby Bjorn because they were better. (or so I thought). At least it got him higher up on Brian's chest.

And finally, with Jocelyn, we've switched to a facing in position with the mei tai. I do realize now,  after looking at these pictures, Jocelyn really should have been positioned higher. Let's cut my husband some slack, though. This was his first time with the mei tai. Jocelyn actually prefers the Maya Wrap, but its not ideal for hiking. If I had been smart, I would have borrowed my friend Amy's Becco, which would have been perfect for Brian and Chimney Rock.


It was a gorgeous day, but freezing!

We managed to have fun despite the cold temperature!

Okay, so maybe 4 out of 5 of us had fun. Jayce was having a sad day. He told me he just couldn't smile and pretend to be happy for my camera.

Jayce has been having a rough school year. He deserves a separate post all of his own.

Jaina grabbed a picture of me and Jocelyn. A nice shout-out to my friend Ana who knit this beautiful scarf for me last year.

And what do crazy freezing families do after spending hours out in the cold?

We go for ICE CREAM, of course!

Jocelyn wanted to share Jaina's vanilla cone. But then she'd make this face like, "Ugh! Its COLD! That's not what I thought it would be like!"

And then she'd want some more :) Jaina was a great sport about sharing.

And who loves their daddy?

I think the reverse might be true as well.

I think Brian has upgraded his love for Jocelyn to "Medium-well".

(loving someone "medium" in our house is a phrase coined by Jaina when she was three years old. She would tell me how much she loved me all the time. Then Brian would ask, "What about me?" and she'd answer, "I love you medium.")

Although we might not get up to NC every three months like we did with the other two, our time at Chimney Rock will always be special to us.

and here's one last blast from the past....

 (I should look at this picture every time I think about getting bangs again!)


  1. awww, you all look wonderful jess. chimney rock looks like a very pretty place. and the scarf suits you so much! i'm glad you like it and wear it :) and those blast-from-the-past photos are something, eh? time flies!

  2. What a fun family trip...and poor Jayce! That face kills me. ;) Some of my favorite memories as a kid are trips just like these with my family. I hope to hear my kids say the same one day!

  3. We've yet to take our kids up through Chimney Rock. You guys make it look totally do-able! Rock City in Chattanooga is a great place to explore too if you ever get the chance. However Chimney Rock wins out for closeness. You have a sweet family! Love Jocelyn's teeth!

  4. So, so sweet those pics of Brian with Jocelyn. Love upgraded to medium-well, eh? I used to tease my hubby about that, too, with Z.

    I used the Baby Bjorn with J and then switched to the Moby Wrap with Z. I loved the Moby Wrap.


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