The Fire Truck Museum

Alternate title: "Day One of Christmas Vacation"

Our Christmas vacation had to start after Christmas this year due to some idiot in our school district that thought keeping school in session until the weekend before Christmas was a good idea. Because of this, we missed some of our favorite traditions this year. Its just not as fun to go see Christmas lights the day after Christmas.

One tradition on our Christmas bucket list was to visit a Children's Museum. Actually, the kids want to visit every Children's Museum in the Upstate. Should we go to EdVenture in Columbia like we do every year? What about Discovery Place in Charlotte? We haven't been there since Jayce was in a stroller! What about the new one in Greenville? Or should we just wait until we visit grandparents in Atlanta?

But wait! Let's not forget about Kidsenses in North Carolina....

AKA The Fire Truck Museum.

(Because the Fire Truck is the first thing you see when you walk in).

They had a new exhibit since we had been last. Jayce spent 80% of his time in this room. You could suck the puff balls and gauzy scarves up into a vacuum and watch them shoot out. Pretty cool.

Then Jaina and Jayce made us "food" from the Cantina while Jocelyn played blocks nearby. 

Brian, Jocelyn, and I were treated to a puppet show entitled, "The King and the Fireman". The plot needed a little work :)

Jayce's second favorite exhibit was the magnet one. While the boys tinkered with electricity and magnetism, Jaina and I made potholders in the loom.

Jaina and I took Jocelyn to the Toddler Area and left the boys still playing with magnets....

I traded the baby for the big kids and took them to the Little Market to do some grocery shopping.

By this time, the baby had had enough. It was way past her nap time. We quickly ran across the street to grab ice cream (and coffee for Brian) for the family before heading home. Jocelyn was out cold in her car seat before we got out of town.

We're hoping to make it to one more Children's Museum before our break is over. Its not looking very promising so at least the kids had fun at this one!


  1. I just love children's museums! They are my absolute favorite. Your kids are the cutest : ). I hope you have a happy new year and get to visit many more children's museums!

  2. You've been serial posting! I am just catching up. I love the collage theme. Also, i love Joce's "Are you kidding me?" look. LOL Priceless.


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