The worst cold of history

Eh, we're all sick with colds over here. That much isn't big news anymore. And although the drippy, snotty nose, bothersome cough, nasty drainage, and sore throat isn't fun, its not stopping anyone else from going on their normal way.

Except for Joce.

She's the only one who has a fever. Can't/won't eat. Fitful and restless when she falls asleep. Much more crying than she's ever done before.

We've watched more Dora than I've ever seen in my life.

I took her into see a new doctor on Monday. I really liked him; he came highly recommended to me from some good friends that have similar medical beliefs that I do.

He thoroughly checked her out. And couldn't find anything, except a drippy nose, that could be causing her so much discomfort. No ear infection, no red throat, nothing. He tentatively suggested teething.

Although he was right (She did cut two teeth yesterday and several more gums are swollen), I wasn't sure that teething was the complete culprit. Plus, the cold seemed to be getting worse, not better, and it really should be almost done with its course by now. Add a gunky cough and some vomiting to the mix and we have one sick baby.

I took her back to the doctor today. Strep test was negative, much to my shock. But she does have an ear infection now.

I know cold and flu viruses are not affected by antibiotics, but something tells me that this is not just a single virus anymore. I hope the antibiotics not only clear up her ears, but also take care of everything else, too.

My baby has big plans for the weekend!

and it does not include watching any more DORA!


  1. I hope she feels better!

  2. I hope she feels better!!!! <3

    Momma and the boys

  3. Poor little angel! I sure hope she feels better soon. I just said a prayer for her. I love your living room light. So pretty!


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