14 Months

My baby is growing into a toddler.

But since she's not officially walking, I'm not going to call her a toddler quite yet :)

She is pulling up to stand like a big girl, though!

I took Jocelyn for a Physical Therapy evaluation at the local hospital Pediatric Rehab center.

The good news is that the therapist concurs with the neurologist, family doctor, and orthopedic specialist.

She simply has weak ankles. Otherwise known as loose joints, hyperflexive ankles, ankles have a wide range of motion, etc. No matter what you call it, her ankles do not have the stability to support her weight.

The PT recommends therapy plus bilateral orthotic braces. We are looking into ordering them soon.

As far as the therapy goes... well... at over $400 a session (which our insurance does not cover whatsoever) this is one little girl that is going to have to get better on her own.

The PT that did her evaluation understands our insurance problem. She sees it a lot. She was kind enough to show me how to work with Jocelyn at home and gave me a printout of 8 exercises I can do with her in the mean time. Her belief is that when Jocelyn gets her braces, she is just going to take off.

Now, we still don't know why Jocelyn was born with weak ankles and slight hypotonia in her leg extremities and trunk. Low muscle tone is certainly a red flag for all sorts of disabilities. The label "Aspergers" has been thrown out there by three separate professionals based on their experience working with kids on the spectrum. It is really too soon to tell. We will continue to monitor her closely over the next months and years. I am a big believer in Early Intervention. If there seems to be a problem with her in any area of development, we will be all over it in a heartbeat.

For now, though, we are just going to enjoy our baby girl that is growing up way too fast. And love her bunches. Its very easy to do!


  1. I love that girl, and I just know she will surprise everyone! :)

  2. She is so beautiful. I'm shocked by the price of PT--but with you as her mommy, she's in good hands! I'm glad the PT showed you some exercises--hope they help. I just can't believe your baby is 14 months old--impossible! ;-)

  3. she is such a sweet and beautiful little girl! 14 months already?! I can't believe that! i find insurance so frustrating... dont they know that if they help these little people NOW it will be less of a mess for them to cover later? :) can't wait to see her move and take off one of these days soon!!

  4. She is a beautiful little thing! God has a perfect plan for her and just for now it includes weak ankles. We don't understand all things at the time but I've always loved your attitude and yes, not quite walking keeps her little for just a little bit longer!


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