A Little Snow, South Carolina Style

The "S" word was spoken during a weeknight forecast 5 days before it was said to arrive. When Meteorologists try to predict snow that early in advance, it almost never happens. It was only a 30% chance of flurries anyway. Everything was supposed to stop by 8 AM.

We woke up to rain. Drat those damn meteorologists. What do they know?

Then to our surprise, the flurries did start. We all rushed to stand outside in the cold and wet just to get a glimpse.

Jocelyn was NOT impressed. And she refused to wear a hat or even her hood.

Monkey didn't seem to mind it, though.

Oh, and she did NOT like getting snow flurries on her face.

Jaina and her friend didn't share Jocelyn's displeasure. They made the most out of their outdoor experience with jump ropes and bubbles.

Even Shaggy liked it.

We finally got Jayce to put down his DSi and come out for a bit.

We finally had enough of the so-called "snow" and we all trudged back inside.

Only to look out the window a few minutes later and see this:


Jocelyn liked the big snow flakes much better! As long as Daddy was holding her.

Jaina took a picture of me, Jayce, and Jocelyn :)

I love that we are all in our PJ bottoms, except for Sarah, who had enough sense to put real pants on.

The snow didn't stick and it didn't fall very long. But I'm glad we got to experience it anyway!


  1. Love love love. You guys are too cute out there in your jammies.

  2. Ooh, snow is magical. At least to those of us here who don't get snow. :)

  3. Yay for snow. We didn't get much last week either.


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