Week in Review: Instagram Photo Dump

I'm finally getting around to cleaning the pictures off my camera phone. Probably some of these pictures are from this past week AND the week before, but that's okay.

Honestly, all the weeks kind of run together when you have kids. We live for the weekends around these parts.

Weekends mean fun, no alarm clocks, staying up late, movies, friends, eating out.

Monday through Friday just means packing lunches, dragging kids out of bed, shuffling said kids to school, piano, and sports. Trying to figure out what to cook each night.

Blah. Can you tell that I don't want Monday to roll around any time soon?

Here's what we've been up to:

Celebrating St. Patty's on a Sunday was quite odd. We are fortunate that our county finally allows alcohol sales at select restaurants within city limits. 

Jaina thought Brian's shirt said, "Genius". HA!

I normally make pancakes on Sunday. I tried to be a little creative since it was a holiday. I'm gonna be honest. It was a lot more work and took a lot more time. Probably not going to do this again any time soon!

Little Miss needed to nap despite us going grocery shopping during her usual nap time. Thank goodness for  babywearing!

The day before St. Patrick's day, it was GORGEOUS outside. The high was 77. The kids helped Brian wash the van. Jocelyn was free to crawl through the water and the dirt. Except that we live in the South so it wasn't just water and a little bit of gray dirt. It was red clay.

I thought the stain wouldn't come out at all. I went to my friend Google and found a suggestion for Murphy's Oil Soap.

I'd say it works!

I also cleaned the playroom after having a bunch of kids over to play. When this picture posted on Instagram, two friends commented that they had no idea our playroom rug was in Spanish. Here's the backstory on the rug if you want to be amused for a second :)

We've also had Spring Soccer season start. The first practice was beautiful and sunny. The second practice was 39 degrees and overcast. BRRR!

And now for some random pictures of Jocelyn. I know its unfair that she gets to be the subject of the majority of my instagram photos. That's just how it goes when the big kids are in school. And, I might add, my big two aren't always willing subjects. Especially Jayce.

Another week closer to Spring Break! It can't get here fast enough!


  1. We just finished our Spring Break. I liked sleeping in.


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