Jocelyn Takes a Stand

It started with a pair of shoes:

And a little bit of help from mom(and the coffee table):

And a lot of effort and motivation on Jocelyn's part:

But she has finally pulled herself up to standing, on her very own, a handful of times now.

Her favorite place to pull to stand?

The bathtub. Oh my.

I haven't yet gotten a picture because I'm paranoid that as soon as I pick up my camera, she is going to slip and fall in the tub and bust her head right open.

Um, maybe I wasn't ready for her to stand quite as much as I thought!


  1. YAY Jocelyn!!! Go girl!!! :) Are you thinking she won't need braces after all? About the Brazil
    visitors...had 49 visits from Malaysia and Brazil in the past week. I had maybe 2-3 blog posts? It's got me paranoid, not to mention the fact that I randomly came upon a photo of my girls on some random foreigners picasa web album. Bummed, dude!! I didn't think my blog was that "interesting"...
    What are you going to do now that our blog reading lists are going away as of July 1?


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