Happy Perry the Platypus Day

For the record, we did not make this day up. However, I am pretty sure the Disney Channel did.

Does it really matter, though? Any excuse to make cupcakes is a good one in my book!

I put Brian on assembly duty so he would truly experience how much effort these damn cupcakes were. The first time I made them it was for Brian's birthday so he was at work while the baking commenced. 

I learned from experience that the Airheads will melt. So into the fridge they went!

Jaina set the table for the party. She decided on a luau theme.

 Now, to back track just a little bit.....

Several hours before the party:

Somehow, only Brian, Jaina, and Jayce have managed to get Perry shirts. No problem for Jocelyn, though. All Jaina needed was a white onesie and some artistic skills that her mommy does not have.

Okay, now everyone (but mom) has Perry attire. Let's eat!

Little Miss still doesn't like to get her hands dirty. I should have given her a fork!

And one last family photo (courtesy of Jaina's friend Sarah):

I'll have to save talking about my Pinterest-inspired Perry themed outfit in another post :)

I hope all of you had a wonderful Perry the Platypus Day!


  1. LOL You guys are so much fun. Tell Jayce that is how I eat cupcakes... no messin' around. ;)

  2. My kids would love a day like that.

    The cupcakes look tasty!

  3. That's a fabulous party idea. I think it ranks up there with the Ugly Doll party!


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