Procrastination and Flash Back Friday

The baby is napping right now.

That means I should be doing one of the following:

- taking a shower
- cleaning the bathroom
- dusting the living room
- folding laundry
- cleaning dog hair off the couch
- vacuuming the rug

I should NOT be doing all of the following:

- blogging
- catching up on reading my friends' blogs
- checking Facebook
- texting with my friend Becca
- checking Instagram
- watching old family home videos (on this tape, Jaina is 5 and Jayce is 2. I am dying from cuteness overload. And wishing that my almost 8 year old and almost 11 year old weren't so big).

Okay. I'm gonna go clean. Or do laundry. Or shower. Or something productive.


  1. oh what a sweet picture!! they look so tiny!! love procrastination! ;)


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