17 Months

Jocelyn turned 17 months a few days ago.

No, she's still not walking. But the bright side is that I don't have to chase her to take her picture :)

I did have to bribe her with goldfish, though.

I am still madly in love with my baby. From her chubby squishy cheeks, to her mop of dirty blonde  hair, to her dimple in her chin, to her little painted toes.

Jocelyn has quite a personality. She's pretty easy going most of the time. She definitely knows what she wants, though! Its usually Dora. Or her brother or sister's tablet. Or to go swing outside. 

Her vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds. New words include: Okay, map,  baby jaguar, back pack (see a trend?), milk, more, and hug.

She's transitioning from 2 naps down to 1. Some days she makes it until noon for just one nap. Other days, she still has two. No biggie.

She can climb up on the couch now. And stand for a second without holding on. She's cruising furniture with confidence now. I was hoping she'd be walking by this time since she had her braces, but she's obviously not ready quite yet.

Jocelyn still loves to be with me 90% of the time, but accepts Grandma and Dad and Hannah (our friend) as a substitute caregiver just fine.

She had been sleeping AWESOME for the entire last month. But she got up for 2 hours in the middle of the night last night. That little stinker pot!

I guess I'll keep her anyway :)


  1. She is just too cute. Love the dimple chin...Tirzah has one too! She sounds like the is talking well! Jericho still won't say much of anything. That boy. He's said about 10 words once or twice, and then refuses to say them again. Recently he will say "uh-oh" and "papi" (his pacifier) but that's about it. He's almost 18 months, so I may run it by his doctor at his next checkup. ;) Glad to hear Jocelyn is doing well with cruising and some standing! :)


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