Tie-Dyed T-shirts 2013 version

We started this tradition a few years ago thanks to my kids' teachers in school. I think it was Jaina's third grade teacher and Jayce's kindergarten teacher that tackled this craft with their students. My kids had so much fun that they asked if we could tie-dye shirts at home.

This year, we decided to look online for some other tie-dye options other than the basic spiral. We used this website for instructions.

2011 shirts

I forgot to blog about our 2012 shirts, but I did find this picture that I posted on FB :)

I have to put a disclaimer in before I move on....

We use RIT dye from the grocery store. Yes, I know this dye sucks. Yes, I know you are supposed to use soda ash first. Yes, I know this is why all of our shirts fade super fast. We don't care. Its fun, easy, and fast. And we like making new shirts every year. And we like giving Goodwill our old faded ones :)

But back to 2013....

Jaina and Jayce were scared to follow the directions for folding the shirts, so that job was left to me.

Jaina: peace sign
Jayce: accordion fold plus scrunched up top
Jocelyn: standard bull's eye
Brian: swirl
Jessie: heart

The kids helped me choose colors and mix the dye, but when it came time to actually apply the dye, they designated it as a "mommy job".

(I forgot to take a picture of my shirt!)

Then we placed them in baggies and put them out in the garage over night. This was a HUGE step for us because we usually just wait about 4 hours.

Jayce informed me that I could not open my shirt's bag until exactly 10:10 AM. I cheated and opened it at 8 AM :P shhhh.....

Then I rinsed out all the shirts.

Threw them in the washer with an xtra rinse, tossed them in the dryer to set, and voila!

So, Jaina was disappointed that her peace sign wasn't really a peace sign. I must have messed up when both folding and using the dye. Jayce loved the color of his shirt BEFORE I rinsed it. Oh well! My heart turned out well :)

There was no time for a family picture so I had to grab individuals before Jayce left and then again after Brian got home.

I had to bribe this one with goldfish in order for her to stay sitting near the light :)

We're already thinking of designs for next year!


  1. so cool! loved how your heart turned out!! what a fun tradition!! love it!!

  2. What a fun family project! So cute!

  3. Cute shirts and super cute family!!!

  4. Those turned out great! I love yours and Jocelyn's especially! :)

  5. Oh, these look great! We did this last year and had so much fun. I still have leftover dye and want to use them, but I need to get plain white tees first. :)


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