Lightsaber Love

Jocelyn loves Lightsabers.

And since she shares a room with her brother, who likes Star Wars, she has easy access to them.

Jayce and Jocelyn were sitting on their bedroom floor the other night playing with Imaginext Batman stuff. And out of the blue, Jocelyn grabs a lightsaber and crawls over to Jayce...

 and whacks him in the head.


He was a good sport about it :)

And afterwards, Jocelyn was sure to give him some hugs.

I'm glad I was able to capture it since I had just happened to be putting clothes away in their room and my camera was on Jayce's dresser :) Lucky timing!


  1. Oh, sweet Jayce. :)

    Jocelyn and my son would get along well!! My son would be so jealous of the light sabres. He's been asking for one for the longest time, but we've been holding out on him...


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