Only Chocolate

After 3 days straight of rain, and one canceled ice cream date with friends, the kids were clamoring to get out of the house. We lucked out with a quick break in the bad weather and high tailed it to our nearest Bruster's.

We even brought the dog.

Jocelyn could have cared less about ice cream. She just wanted to crawl around and pull up on the benches. And "walk, walk, walk" as she says when she cruises furniture.

Jaina ate chocolate with tons of sprinkles and eyes.

Jayce picked black raspberry. The ice cream scooper was disbelieving that he would actually like it. She made him have a sample first.

We tried giving Jocelyn a baby cone with plain vanilla. She wouldn't hold it, touch it, or taste it.

But she liked MY chocolate cone just fine.

Brian doesn't eat cones. He either gets a freeze or a blast or a milk shake. What can I say... he's a goof.


  1. Mmm, I love ice cream and sprinkles

  2. Yummy icecream! I could go from an ice cream cone right now!! Love the pictures and the fact that your dog got ice cream too! hehe!

    Belle la vie

  3. We love ice cream too! Cute pictures!


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