Thanks to Pinterest, the Walker family now has a Summer Bucket List.

I think we have one billion and one things to do on it.

Expensive things like Carowinds and Six Flags over Georgia and the Water Park.

Random things like "Go to Best Buy" and "Eat at IHOP", both of which were Jaina picks, believe it or not.

I tried to steer them in the direction of "free" and "Summer". Like catching lightning bugs, eating popsicles on the porch, and signing up for the Summer Reading Program at the Library.

Those were not met with much excitement. Instead, those things reminded them that they wanted to put going to Bruster's for ice cream and going to the Summer Movies at the movie theatre on the list as well.


At any rate, I did get them to eat popsicles on the porch with their spend the night guests :)

 Poor Jocelyn didn't have a spend the night guest. But she got a popsicle anyway.

And boy, does she like popsicles.

I think she gets it from big sister.

And continuing on with the supposed orange theme I didn't plan on having in this blog post, here are two last pictures.

But you won't find us eating orange flavored popsicles, ever. That's not how we roll.


  1. We love popsicles, too, except that since we got the Yonanas machine, we've been making soft-serve "ice cream" instead. Maybe I could re-freeze the ice cream and make them into ice lollies! :)


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