Summer: Day 1

I'm one of those parents who thinks the notion of 1/2 days of school is completely ridiculous. So, I don't make my kids go. I leave it up to them to decided whether or not they want to attend. Jayce decided to skip both half days. Jaina decided to go to one of them.

She announced that it was officially Summer when she came home at 11:00 AM. And immediately wanted to blow up the baby pool and put Jocelyn in it.

So we did!

I love that Jaina can get excited about our sorry excuse for a "pool".

Jocelyn wasn't quite sitting up all the way last year and didn't enjoy the water as much as she did today.

Jaina proves that you can snorkel in just a few inches of water.

I finally had to get Jocelyn out because her poor little hands and feet were pruney and cold. I didn't want her crawling on the concrete drive way (been there, done that, have the holes in the pants and scrapes on her knees and feet to prove it), so I got out her little ride on toy.

She was very happy zooming around the drive way.

Not so happy when I wouldn't let her ride in the street. Goodness, this child has an obsession with going places she shouldn't.

Big Sister worked on her tan, supposedly. Don't worry, I had a talk about cancer and sun safety and all that with her. For the time being, I'm just glad she's not sun bathing in a tiny string bikini in front of teenage boys. Ugh... not looking forward to those days coming at all!

And where was Jayce?

Inside the house. Where he says he'll be staying all Summer long due to bees, wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, thunderstorms, lightning, and tornadoes. Oh, and hurricanes. He's scared of those, too.

I hope its not going to be a loooong Summer.


  1. Hahaha, I laughed out loud when I read what you wrote about worrying about Jaina sunbathing in a string bikini in front of teenage boys. Every mom's (and dad's, too, I'm sure) worry!

    Little Jocelyn looks so comfy in her little ride-on. She's got places to go, that girl. :)

  2. Oh, so sweet! I miss the baby pools and pruny toes! I'm finally catching up on your blog, and I can't get over how big Jocelyn is! And I have to say, Kristen's bikini is making me have heart failure. It's not bad, it's just--a bikini. Fortunately, she seems to wear her one piece more--YAY! Poor Jayce, I hope the wasps and thunderstorms stay away so he can enjoy the great outdoors! :-)


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