Annual Kids Christmas Party

We were lucky enough to be invited to a sweet friend's first annual kid friendly Christmas Party at their home. This tradition is something my friend grew up with every year in her own home and she was ready to do the same for her children.

Jocelyn was apprehensive about going at first. She was tired and it had been a long day without mommy (I was at my first day of Mini Sessions) and all she wanted to do was cuddle on the couch. But I told her that her friends really wanted to see her and that she would be happy she went.

And happy she was...

... when she saw SANTA!

Before he called each child up by name, he asked the group of excited kids a few trivia questions about life up at the North Pole.

Jocelyn was extremely vocal and couldn't wait to tell Santa about how her "daddy's not being so nice this year" and her favorite Christmas movie was "Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas" and how one of Santa's reindeer was named "Molly".

She was a social butterfly with the big guy.

She played with her hair while she thought of more things she could tell him.

I think she was super happy she came after all :)

Santa brought her a new Palace Pet with a carriage and she happily played with it the rest of the evening.

"How did Santa even know I like Palace Pets???" she wondered.

I love the magic and wonder about the old guy :)


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