Long December

It's already December and I haven't even had the chance to get the Thanksgiving pictures off my camera.

I have a hard time making my pictures a priority when I have paid clients that are anxiously waiting for a peek of their images.

This Fall has been absolutely insane. Because of the constant rain, I haven't been able to spread out my photo sessions at all. I typically limit myself to two on Saturday and two on Sunday. Instead, I shot 9 sessions each weekend, two weeks in a row.

Well, Pa Ingalls says, you've got to make hay while the sunshines!

The good news is that I got a new phone!

The bad news is that I am not quite sure what kind of program my phone requires to blog them straight from here. Oh, a quick google search says it's my Google Photos App, which just let me know it needs to be updated. Technology can be a good thing :)

Here's some old phone photos from November:

Jocelyn went through a phase where she played Head Bands every day.

There was one gorgeous Fall day in the 70's. We played outside and had a picnic.

Jayce was inducted into the Junior Beta Club:

Jayce had new allergy skin testing done. Absolutely NOTHING he is allergic to! He is proof that allergy shots work!

Jocelyn and I have been super busy with MOMS Club playgroups.

I had a tire blowout on I-85. It was not fun.

Jocelyn made a turkey craft.

I've been very inspired by nature this Fall. When it's not raining, it's gorgeous out!

Jaina showed us a new app that all the teens are loving. It's specifially for Selfies :)

The boys got haircuts. Joce was mad because Brian didn't make her an appointment, too. Girl is only three and LOVES to get her hair cut!

Me, waiting on clients to show.

Brian singing Neil Diamond karaoke.

Hello new Samsung Galaxy S4! You are beautiful and uncracked. I wonder how long you will last that way? New case comes tomorrow!

The new Google Photos app is now updating on my new phone so I'll be back to share more camera phone pictures soon!


  1. I want to do a Preschool Play group. That sounds like so much fun, and the crafts are adorable! It looks like you have been incredibly busy! Glad you are able to still blog some! Those nature photos are breathtaking, but I think my favorite of all was the picnic photo. Jocelyn looks so happy!


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