Christmas Friday Phone Dump (a day late)

Since I'm visiting family right now and haven't even begun to upload all the pictures of Christmas 2015 off my memory card, I'll take this opportunity to dump my camera phone pictures.

Moving backwards from today...

Dec 26th:

Look at this Christmas cutie! It was too dark in my parent's living room to use my camera phone but just enough light to use my 6D. This is my niece here visiting from Florida. 

Jocelyn totally scored with not one, but TWO new MLP sets. She didn't have Rarity or Twilight Sparkle in this size (that goes with her canterlot castle), so she was super happy!

My stepmom put 1,500 colored lights on their tree this year. 

Dec. 25th

My sister Jami re-decorated her guest room just for Jaina.

I tried a Coke Life. Eh... I'm probably not going to be popular saying this, but I kinda like how High Fructose Corn Syrup tastes in a regular coke. I mean, soda is pretty damn bad for you anyway. Might as well go all out!

Grandma Paula bought our family our very first waffle maker! They were so yummy and SO easy to make! I might not make pancakes again :)

Dec. 24th:
Christmas Eve letter to Santa:
 It didn't take long for her to be all nestled snug in her bed.

We celebrated Christmas Eve at Nancy's house:

Jayce got a fishing pole and was over the moon ecstatic. Who knew he wanted one of those?

That morning we had breakfast with our friends the McNulty's.

Dec. 23rd:
I snuck over to my friend Monica's house and wrapped presents for 2 hours straight.

Jaina and I are watching Gilmore Girls together. We are currently in the middle of Season 2.
Shaggy does not approve.

Dec. 22nd:

We drove to see the lights at Roper Mountain. Big camera pictures coming soon!

Too many Christmas stuffed animals!

And attended Story Time at the library.

Dec. 22nd:
Brian faithfully stayed off the internet until he was able to see The Force Awakens.
We all went, except for Jocelyn. Jayce watched Episodes IV, V, and part of VI in preparation of VII.

Dec. 21st:

Bear in the Big Blue House Christmas Special on VHS is one of my favorites.

We also made Gingerbread men.

And that has been our Christmas in camera phone pictures!


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