Thanksgiving 2015

Okay, just ignore the fact that I'm writing this post on Dec. 12th and I'm 3 weeks late. But it's kinda like the rule of thumb that people have when they decorate for the holidays: No Christmas until Thanksgiving has past. So, as much as I want to post this adorable picture of Jocelyn sitting on Santa's lap, I am determined to get a post up about Thanksgiving first!

We started our holiday off by attending a "feast" at Jocelyn's preschool. And by "feast", I mean turkey, stove top stuffing, green beans, sweet potatoes, and rolls. By three year old standards, the only acceptable foods for everyone was the rolls. Those were the most popular parents. Oh, and the ones that brought chocolate cupcakes, too :)

Jocelyn didn't really want to wear her pilgrim hat, so she made Daddy wear it. And Daddy pretty much does anything his baby wants.

The next day found us prepping for Thanksgiving dinner. Our contribution this year was a chocolate chip cheesecake. Jocelyn ate a LOT of mini chocolate chips. She loved helping.

We joined Brian's friends (that are family to us) at their home in Greenville for Thanksgiving dinner. They sweetly invited my mother as well so we could all be together.

But first, we had to watch the parade. Jocelyn is my only parade watching buddy. The big kids think it's stupid.

Jocelyn was a Wolf Turkey. Don't ask.

The food was great! And you have to hand it for Danielle... she cooked all this without an oven! BTW, turkey tastes great on the grill!

Jayce and Grandma made the pumpkin pie. Jayce was so excited to try it!! But then didn't really like it. I got a kick out of that :)

Jaina, my teen, was "on fleek" with her fringe outfit and straightened hair.

Jaina took 18 pictures of Danielle and I. They managed to all turn out blurry, eyes closed, mouths open, funny expressions. Oh well, such is life :)

Friday was spent recovering, cleaning, and packing for...


First stop: Water Park

Then it was time to see Santa fly in on a helicopter!!

When we returned from my birthday dinner to Carrabba's, the whole place was lit up.

The excitement of the day was a bit too much for our tiniest wolf. She napped in her cabin bed while the big kids and I rode all the water slides again.

We woke her up in time for Story Time in the lobby.

The next day was all about the MagiQuest. While I might think this is the most boring thing ever, the kids absolutely love it. I think even Brian gets a kick out of it.

 Did you know that you get free ice cream if it's your birthday? Not just one free icecream; free ice cream every 30 minutes. I was nice and only got ice cream twice.

We had the best time! This should definitely be a yearly tradition... not every 2 years like Brian thinks we should :P

At first I was a little apprehensive about celebrating my birthday at water park with animatronic wolves, but it ended up being great! I had a wonderful dinner out in Concord Mills, I got a facial, Jaina bought me earrings from the gift shop, free ice cream rocks, and I got to wear a new sweater that my mom bought me :)

Turning 37 was pretty okay this year :)

And now I can think about Christmas!!


  1. You don't look nearly 37! Wow! Great Wolf Lodge is so much fun...we've only been once but we always talk about going back soon. (And I've never seen a Wolf Turkey, but Jocelyn is the cutest one ever! Haha!) Glad y'all had a great holiday/birthday! :)


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