Christmas Pictures

The alternative title for this blog post is "Why I hire a photographer every year".

Seriously, it is hard work taking your own children's portraits. I'm always amazed (and slightly jealous) when I see my photographer friends who nail their own family's pictures. *cough* Austin-Lee *cough*

I really have no problem hiring a professional photographer every year for our family portraits. After all, why would I expect someone to hire me if I don't see the value of photography itself?

So every Fall I buy coordinating outfits and force my husband to take an hour out of his weekend schedule to take pictures. This year we asked a local photographer, Amber McDowell, to capture our family. She did a great job!

Gosh, I have some good lookin' kiddos!

I now have a beautiful canvas hanging in our living room, prints framed all around, and adorable Christmas Cards that I love! Thanks Amber!

But I realized that I had not taken the kids' pictures in Christmas colored clothes since Jayce was 3 and Jaina was 7. So I made my kids put on red and black clothes (no green for any of them, thankyouverymuch) and pretend to like each other.

And the following examples are why I do not like photographing my kids. From the looks of it, they don't like it much, either.

As you can see, Jayce was just not having it. So, we kicked him out of the pictures and made him take a break. Little Miss just likes to pose nowadays and is increasingly harder to find a natural smile.

Goofballs. All of them.

I was finally able to get one nice shot of these crazy goofs.

We'll just pretend that the whole session went like that, m'kay?

This photographer is DONE!


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