Mall Santa

Crying Baby on Santa's Lap pictures seem to be all the rage on FB and my MOMS Club group these days. I don't know... although some of the images do make me chuckle, I've often felt that it's kind of mean to put your baby through the emotional turmoil just to get a traditional Santa picture. I never felt the need to do that to my kids when they were infants.

 I think Jaina's first Santa picture was when she was 2 or 3 and it was definitely her choice to go sit on his lap. Jayce didn't see Santa until he was 4 and it was at his therapy's annual Christmas party. He's never once sat with the Santa at the mall.

Jocelyn actually has exhibited the most stranger anxiety out of all of my children. What can I say? This girl loves her momma. And if you aren't mommy, then she is going to be wary of you.

I wasn't sure how she was going to react to Santa when her preschool teacher told me about their upcoming field trip. To my surprise, she loved the experience. A good thing, too, since we've seen Santa 3 other places since then!

I grabbed a picture of Sammy, too, for his mom.

Then Jocelyn wanted to take pictures with her best friend, Khloe.

And then Macie joined in. These girls are the three musketters on the playground for sure!

Ms. Donette attempted to gather them for a group picture.

We have Macy, Levi, Creedon, Sammy, Jocelyn, Khloe, Aliah, and Hayden. Harrison, Lily, Paul, and Layla were absent from the group.

Then Santa took out his banjo and played us a song. I had no idea that Santa played the banjo!

Jocelyn had a turn to be line leader for the outting. She led the group to the indoor play place.

Then it was time for lunch at the mall food court!

Brian didn't want to eat lunch at 10:45 with her class so Jocelyn and I walked around until Daddy got there at noon. She talked me into buying her a new Beanie Boo kitty. I am such a sucker. And she is spoiled rotten.

Brian was not amused.

But my Jocelyn kitty was very happy with her new kitty :) It was a fun day!


  1. Beth was looking over my shoulder as I read and looked at the pictures in this post. She is SO impressed! :)

  2. Cute photos!

    I don't think my kids howled when they saw Santa? I always brought them as babies, but they were just like, "Huh?" I'll have to dig through photos though. I really can't remember.


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