Christmasy Happenings

Moving on to another yearly tradition...

The beginning of December marks the return of our town's Dickens of a Christmas. And it was actually cold and not raining for once! It really felt like the Christmas season!

One of my favorite things to see at Dickens is the Spartanburg Ballet Company performing scenes from the Nutcracker in the windows of the stores.

We gave Jayce the option of coming or staying home. He stayed home last year and decided to give it a try this year. But the cold, walking, and crowds were way too much for him and he was absolutely miserable. And believe me, he let us know it! He's only smiling in the above picture because we told him after we took it, we could go home.

I think next year, he's just going to stay home :)

The next morning we awoke to frost. My kids think frost is almost as good as waking up to snow outside. They are kind of goofs.

Then let's skip to the next Christmasy activity we had...

The Preschool Christmas Program

There are moms that drop their sweet toddler off at 8:30 AM and then head straight for the chapel to get a good seat for the program that starts at 10:30 AM.

I am not that mom.

Instead, I dropped Jocelyn off and then hightailed it through as many errands I could run that early in the morning and then headed back to a packed house at 10. Unfortunately, that meant that I had a horrible seat and my pictures reflect that. Just know that Jocelyn was super cute!

3k xmas 04 from Jess Staska on Vimeo.


  1. Oh my goodness, they are TOO cute! I love the shouty voices, and the enthusiasm those darling kids have. And I am so jealous about the Dickens of Christmas thing your town does. That sounds absolutely amazing! What a wonderful surprise for your kids to find frost the next morning. It makes it seem and feel so close! Merry Christmas, my friend!


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