Preschool Parties and Lots of Cookies!

I felt like the whole month of December was nothing but a party at Jocelyn's preschool! First there was the program, then the field trip, then Christmas Party! And Brian and I got to be there for all of it :)

Once preschool was done for the season, it was time to get Jocelyn busy in the kitchen. We participated in a MOMS Club cookie exchange and we needed to make 12 dozen cookies!

I chose a Chocolate Crinkle cookie because it's chocolate (my fav) and because it looks pretty on a plate. Win, win! This cookie tastes more like a brownie bite than a cookie, but I think that's a positive. My husband thinks that's a negative for sure. He's weird.

The directions are simple:

First, you need a willing 3 year old that likes chocolate to help you stir.

The batter is very thick. It's best to stir in the needed flour just a little at a time.

I'm not a fancy seasoned baker so I don't own measured cookie scoops. I found my tupperware melon baller worked just fine.

Once the balls are formed, you roll them in powdered sugar. YUM! Jocelyn's favorite part to help with. Warning: It's really messy!

The good thing about baking these is that the balls are small and can be placed pretty close to each other. That allowed me to bake 2 dozen at a time.

When they come out of the oven, they are little balls of chocolately and sugar goodness!

My taste tester approves :)

We had so much fun at the cookie exchange!

Immediately after the cookie exchange, we took Jocelyn to Story Time at the library.

I think this was her 4th Santa sighting? She was beginning to wonder if Santa really lived in Spartanburg instead of the North Pole.

This was also the day that I drove to Atlanta by myself to see JLC in concert with my best friend. More on that later!

We made Gingerbread cookies when I returned. It's a Walker Family Tradition.

And speaking of gingerbread men...

The kids went to visit a local zoo and light display the other night when Brian and I attended a holiday party. Their babysitter spoiled them by buying them special glasses and reindeer antlers. The gingerbread glasses were my favorite :)


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