Celebratory Ice Cream

Oh my goodness, that was one heck of a stomach virus! Although the doctor was baffled by Jayce's peculiar symptoms and the length of his stomach virus, I'm pretty convinced he had the infamous Rotavirus bug that always plagues children sometime before their 5th birthday. I am fully aware of the new rotavirus vaccine called rotateq, but honestly, I'd rather my child have the virus than the vaccine. The risk of the virus is dehydration. The risk of the vaccine is intestinal inception. I'll take the dehydration, thankyouverymuch.

Anyway, not only did Jayce get it, but Brian and I got a mild case as well. It seems as though like most viral infections, your body's immunity tends to wear off as an adult. However, Jaina was completely protected from it since she had a documented case of rotavirus as an infant while we were still nursing.

Well, that's all over and done with now. On to bigger and better things!

To celebrate our new family wellness, we headed over to Bruster's Ice cream place on Tuesday evening since Brian came home early from work. The weather was gorgeous in the 70's. Perfect ice cream weather because it wasn't hot enough to melt it right away.

Go ahead... take a big lick!

Jaina likes lots of eyes.

Jayce likes lots of sprinkles.

This picture is very typical of my kids... Jaina is gobbling her ice cream up, not caring if its messy or gets on her or what. Jayce is too busy studying the ice cream to see if any drips are coming his way to fully enjoy it. Or, maybe he's enjoying it in his own way?

This picture almost says "SUMMER IS HERE!" to me. Too bad its only March!

Jaina's going to town on that thing!

And a rare picture of the blog author herself, taken by budding photographer, Jaina C.


  1. Looks yummy! I'm glad your all feeling better now!

  2. I need to take the boys on an ice cream adventure. Looks like it was fun. I have never seen eye balls on ice cream before.

    Roto virus? Wow, thats intense stuff. They thought Justin had that two years ago when he was hospitalized, but after two days of testing they said he was negative. I think the stomach virus is the worst thing you can get, yikes. I feel bad for you guys. I don't believe in the vaccine for Roto virus either.

    Love the blog update. I couldn't find anything cool, so I opted for the generic boring look.

    I don't know whats up with my RSS feeds, I don't even know what the means. I am using a new browser, maybe thats it?

  3. Looks like a great fun family outing!!! Glad everyone is feeling well!!!

  4. Anonymous7:16 PM

    seeing these makes me miss you and miss spartanburg! i heart brewsters and i can picture exactly where you were sitting.


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