Its SNOW Much Fun!!

Just a reminder, this is what my kids did on Thursday afternoon.

Here's what we did 4 days later:

Jayce kept picking up snow. But then didn't like the snow on his gloves. Repeat a million times until I finally just made him go back inside.

Silly giggly girl :)

This is our pathetic snowman, "Mrs. Claus". Jaina named her. The snow was really dry early this morning and wouldn't stick together at all. Also, I've never made a snowman before in my life and had no idea where to start. How do you even make a ball to roll? Anyway, here's our snowman!

Hi! Its me! Right before going inside, hence no gloves or hat on!

Okay, yeah, so....
Flame away, but I was a bad mom and let Jayce go outside in the snow with crocs on. We don't own snow boots (no use for them) or rain boots (we like to puddle jump in flip flops) or any other water proof shoes. I thought the crocs wouldn't be so bad. Until he got a mound of snow in each foot. Poor baby and bad mommy!!

Back inside for some hot chocolate. Which I am proud to report that Jayce actually drank!! (A little!)


  1. I know - isn't this weather crazy? It's supposed to be almost 70 here by Fri.

    Thanks for your kind words Re: Madeline's photo. Every once in awhile I get lucky and take a good snapshot. But it's definitely more luck than skill! :)

  2. Anonymous11:14 PM

    that's too funny about what they were doing just a few days ago! crazy weather. oh, and don't worry about the croc thing. at least they were the fuzzy kind! besides, you more than made up for it... the best part of going out in the cold is coming in for hot chocolate! almost makes me wanna go outside. almost! ;)

  3. Looks like you had a ton of fun! It's not very often you get to have a picnic in the sun and build a snowman all in one week!

  4. Anonymous6:07 PM

    That's cute that you don't know how to build a snowman! And the fact that you can even jump in puddles with flip flops on is wonderful. When it rains here it is cold. Reading your posts makes me want to move!!!


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