The day after Jayce and Brian got sick, I was able to leave those two miserable boys at home and go to Jaina's school to attend her awards ceremony. She was named "Terrific Kid" for the 3rd quarter of school. Only one child per class is chosen every 9 weeks, so it is quite an honor.

When her teacher submitted Jaina's name to be considered, she wrote this:

Jaina was selected Terrific Kid for the third nine weeks because she is respectful to her teacher and peers. Jaina is friendly and caring. She sets a good example in class.

On the day of the awards ceremony, Jaina took great care to pick out her favorite shirt, favorite shorts, and to brush her hair until it shined. Okay, so she didn't look like all the other kids who were in their best school clothes and dressed up a bit, but she didn't care :)

I'm so proud of her :)


  1. Great Job Jaina! Her and Joshua are star students. Joshua got Kids of Character in January. I think it was for Respect.

  2. Congratulations Jaina!!!!!!


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