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Ever since Jayce started school in the Fall, we've seen a huge increase in Jayce's ability to play pretend. Its not that Jaina didn't try her best to teach Jayce all along, its just that Jayce didn't really want to have anything to do with Jaina for the most part. Not anymore! Now he follows her around like a typical little brother wanting her to play with him. Jaina loves this because he'll basically do whatever she says. :)

They play school, they play elevator, they play baby, they play dog, and they play horsey. On his own, Jayce likes to play kitchen, cooking popcorn and hot dogs in the play microwave. He also has a pretend washer that he likes to clean on certain pair of socks in.

But I've never seen him take care of a doll before!

I was folding laundry in my bedroom (excuse the messy clothes and the huge donation trash bag in the back ground) one morning and in walks Jayce with Jaina's baby doll in his hands. He put her on my pillow on the floor and gently put a changing pad on her for a blanket. Then he tried to feed her a bottle with an old baby bottle from when Jaina was a baby. Then he said she was crying, so he got her a tissue to wipe her eyes.

I'm so proud of my "Little Daddy" :)


  1. Precious, I think its important for boys to play with dolls. I love the doll he is playing with. That is so sweet that he wiped the baby's eyes with a tissue.

    We have a cheap dollar store baby doll. Its naked most of the time, but Justin likes to take if for rides in the shopping cart and feed him his bottle.

    I like the story Williams' Doll, I read it to Joshua in kindergarten and 1st grade and I will read it to Justin too.

  2. Yeah!! playing pretend like that is such a momentous thing for Jayce! and playing dolls is cool - my big boys call Coleman a "tom-girl" because of all the "girl" things he likes to play!! but hey, what's a little boy supposed to do when his best friend is his sister??


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