I don't remember the first time I saw name letters on a kid's wall. It may have been at my friend Jessica's house, since she did a brief stint as a WAHM (Work-at-home mom) with her company "Wooden It Be Nice".

When I was pregnant with Jayce, I decided to go out and buy letters as soon as Brian and I had agreed on a name. I remember thinking "Okay, after I paint these things... there's no turning back! His name will be Jayce!" which is just ridiculous. Its not like I couldn't have just bought new letters :) I ended up getting a set for Jaina, too. And then never did a thing with either set.

Jaina finally begged me to paint her letters. Since she is a very artistic, funky, creative little girl, I tried to carry that theme into her letters. That's why they are so busy and colorful. Just like my Jaina :)


  1. those are very jaina-esque.

    hey! you play piano? i was just reading your profile...i had no idea. that's awesome... :D

  2. That's too funny - I have chipboard letters I decorated that spell Julia. I finally finished them late last fall and I've still yet to hang them. Go figure!

    You did a great job! :)

  3. Hi Jessie! It's Lisa Lee, Tracie and Michelle's mom. I was so excited to see your blog -what cute kids you have. Keep ititogether is such an apt phrase for the life we lead when we enter that special world of disabilites.
    I guess you've looked on the girls facebook stuff - they have lots of Georgia people on there. We have a blog for us, David and all the grandkids (6 now).
    Here's my email - salilee.lee@gmail.com
    Write and catch me up on your mom and dad and your world. Love, Lisa Lee

  4. Anonymous9:26 PM

    Those are great! Something my daughter would like for her wall for sure!

  5. Uh oh. Twice makes a habit. ;) I told you you'd be hooked. lol

    You did a great job. :)

  6. Jaina's letters are beautiful. Thanks for the invite to drop the kids off. If you read my latest blog, I'm more at peace now! However, since you are still not doing anything next week, we should get together. Maybe it will be warmer and we could visit the park or get together at one of our homes.


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