What we've been up to part TWO

After Jamboread, we headed over to Jaina's very last basketball cheerleading game. It was an awesome 10 weeks of fun and friends. It was so neat to see Jaina go from not-so-sure of herself learning her first cheer, to watching her perform numerous cheers from memory at half-time. Jayce attended his very first (and last!) basketball game of the season and had a great time.

The last game of cheerleading:


  1. Anonymous3:05 PM

    The blonde girl with the pony tail, 2nd row, 2nd in from right is tall! Some girls these days look so much older than they are.

    Jaina's got a great mom, you are so active with her. I haven't had Joshua in anything since the Fall baseball. I even messed up on that and missed his last game :(. Hopefully next year will be better, money always seems to be the determining factor on decisions lately.

    I like the green and white uniforms. Does she have a favorite cheer? Does she like doing it?

  2. Jessie, it was me, that left a comment, not Anonymous

  3. Who's that big kid??

  4. LOL, Melissa, I knew it was you :)

    Corey, that's Morgan... she is the oldest of the squad. The squad consisted of 9 girls, ages 5-9. She is tall for her age, as is her mom and sister. She's really sweet :)


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