First day of March and last week's hair cuts

I cannot believe that its March already! Where on earth has the time gone? I hope that Spring and Summer linger on a bit more in order for us to enjoy the beautiful weather coming our way. Eventually, that is. Yes, it might have been 60 degrees on Thursday afternoon and my kids played outside for almost 2 hours without jackets on. But I think the weather forgot it was supposed to stay that nice and beautiful because now its 37 degrees and its been raining for 3 days. And it might snow tonight.

As always, the drastic changes in temperatures always catch us off guard. If we pack our winter clothes away because its in the 70's for a week, then it never fails to drop back down to below freezing just to laugh at us. If we go out and buy new winter clothes in the next size up because our kids keep growing, then it turns hot almost immediately.

Last week Brian and Jayce decided it was warm enough to shave some heads after growing hair all winter.


  1. I was just starting to like Brian's hair. LOL

    Jayce is, as always, a cutie. ♥

  2. Brian is funny, can't ever let it get too long!

    Jayce is so cute.

    Joshua's hair is a bit longer than I want, I was trying to outgrow the sides from a bad hair cut he got in December. I think its ready now for a cut, now I just need to get money from Jeremy. I like the "Zac Efron" look.

  3. Anonymous4:54 PM

    i'm looking forward to giving my boys a buzz too! happy march, jess! i like your clovers :)


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