Fall Fest at the Beals!

Let me just say, the Beals family knows how to throw a party! Totally not surprised, either. Even though this was their very first Kids Fall Fest in their home, it went off without a hitch. Jess and Rob are very good at entertaining!

As soon as we pulled in the driveway, the kids gathered to hear the instructions for the Scavenger Hunt. I was to lead the Black Team with my children and three of their friends. We were so excited and couldn't wait to begin!

well, the rest of the kids participated in the scavenger hunt. Jayce just wandered around. He wandered so much, in fact, that I even lost him for a few moments of panic. I ended up having to give my team to another parent so I could watch Jayce instead.

The bonfire was set up perfectly. We ended up roasting hot dogs and marshmellows when it got dark.

I gave Jayce my camera in order to distract him from the "For Members" which was his way of saying, "Fire Embers". He was very afraid that the embers would burn him. He took about 20 pictures and only these two were worth posting :)

Then it was time to head inside to celebrate Hugh's 5th Birthday! I cannot believe this child is 5. I met Patty when she was pregnant with her youngest and Hugh was only about 15 months old. It was so great being able to celebrate with the entire walking club and all of our kids!

After the kids loaded up on cupcakes and candy from the pinata, we returned outside to run around and warm ourselves in front of the fire. It was about this time that Jayce decided he couldn't handle the crowd or the fire anymore so he quickly said, "BYE!" really loud and started walking up to our car. We called it a night and left Jaina with Daddy.

Thanks again, Jess and Rob! We can't wait for next year!


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