Soccer IS over!

Its almost enough to make me shout "Hallelujah!!" if I was a person that shouted "Hallelujah" with any regularity.

Not that I don't love that my kids play soccer. I really do. I love that they love to run around kicking a ball. I love that they love making new friends. I love that Upward sports teaches them about teamwork, sportsmanship, and playing your best as well as soccer game rules and regulations. Eh, I could do without the bible verses that I never insist on my kids repeating and I most definitely could do without the weekly devotions. But since they come part and parcel with an Upward sports registration, I chalk them up to just being a small part of my children's wide knowledge of world religions.

But what I really truly dislike are soccer socks. Ugh, I am cringing just now as I type this out. Am I the only one that hates soccer socks? Or are my kids' calves just weird?

See, no matter what size we buy (or that Upward provides us), the socks don't fit. And we've tried good Nike brand as well!. If the length of the foot fits and the heel is in the right place, then the sock part that goes over their calf muscle doesn't fit. And the sock is too short to even go above their shin guard. So, I go up a size. Now the place for their heel is way off, the extra material by the toes scrunch up (which introduces a new line of complaints), the part that goes over the calf muscle is STILL too tight and the sock now goes up over their knees. Is it supposed to? And can anyone please tell me if the shin guard is supposed to go over or under the actual sock? Thanks in advance!

The socks are so darn tricky that my 7 and 1/2 year old, who has been putting on her shoes and socks by herself since the tender age of 3, cannot do this herself. And forget about the 4 and a 1/2 year old doing it either. I swear I spend close to 15 minutes trying to wrangle soccer socks on their feet. Its almost enough to make me not want to sign them up next year. But of course I will anyway :)

So, soccer is over. They had a great season. Jaina was much less scared of the ball than last year. She played a great defense, which is the position she feels most comfortable in. She had fun playing with her good friend Anna Grace S. Since there was another little girl named Anna on the team, the coach decided to call the girls by "Anna" and their last initial. Except that he obviously couldn't spell and thought that Anna's last name started with a "C". So, all season we heard, "Get the ball, Anna C! Move on up, Anna C! Anna C, go down the line! White corner kick, you're up Anna C!!" She just learned to answer to that name. Her mom confided in me that it kinda became a cute nickname for her at home :)

I'm honestly trying to think of Jayce's soccer experience as a learning experience and nota huge waste of $70 registration plus cleats, shin guards, and socks (damn those socks!!!). But who am I kidding? It kinda was. I am not sure he really had fun, either. I mean, he got excited about it. He said he liked it. But I think he was just way overwhelmed and didn't know how to deal so he just "checked" out during games. I guess what made it worse was that even the younger kids on the teams paid more attention to the game and actually tried to run after the ball. Jayce stuck out like a sore thumb. I found out by the last game that my good friend Mary Elizabeth pretty much felt the same way about her son on the spectrum as well. We both commiserated with each other and assured ourselves that this was a good learning experience for our boys and it never hurts to try these things.

So, soccer is over. Just in time for Upwards Cheerleading, which we registered for two days ago. Oh joy, here we go again. At least I can handle the socks!

I won't mention the mess that pom-poms make.


  1. Hey Jess -
    As someone who used to play soccer 6 days a week during high school, I may be able to help you with your sock dilemma! First, the shinguards are supposed to go under the socks. That way, they don't scuff anyone up. And as far as the length of the sock goes, I think they are always really long. I know mine were. I always folded them over - you know like in the 80's! I hope that helps you! I don't know what to tell you about the size problem. I always wore Adidas socks and they seemed to work for me.

  2. haha - you're hilarious :) I just tuck the extra sock into the shin guard - as a padding between the skin and velcro..which my son has issues with :) I'm sure katie has it right though..folding the other way does make more sense... good luck with cheerleading and enjoy the soccer break :)


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