International Choir at Oktoberfest

Now that Jaina is in 2nd grade, she was excited to be picked to be a member of the International Choir at her school. Her first performance was at last month's Oktoberfest Festival. Jaina and her friends performed several songs in German for the audience of parents:

Jaina was thrilled when she saw Brian through the crowd!

This is Jaina's friend Eva from school :) They are quickly becoming close friends. Not like Ashlan and Jaina, though. I think Ashlan will always hold the special "BFF" spot in Jaina's heart!

Then it was time to hit up some of the fun activities the school had planned! First on our list was building "gingerbread" houses (which were really graham crackers):

Jaina couldn't wait to show us the cool new rock wall that was installed in their school gym! Even Brian got a turn :)

Then it was on to Face Painting... its not a festival without it!

Eva chose a flower:

I was surprised when she picked a leaf!

After the festival, Brian, Jaina, and myself went to a nice Thai restaurant for a sit-down dinner without our rambunctious 4 year old. Thanks to Gray for keeping Jayce for us! Its always nice to spend time with our kids one-on-one.

Do you have "dates" with your kids?


  1. Man, I wish my school would have had a rock wall! Lucky!

  2. Just happened upon your blog-- what a cute family!

    I too was in a children's choir growing up, and have fond memories of those days. I'm sure your daughter will too!

    (By the way, love your DH rockin' the old school Charlotte Hornets jacket!)


  3. I love the rock climbing walls - they are huge out here in Oklahoma! Almost every park has at least a small one on their playground equipment.

    And Olivia and I are going to a dance concert at UCO this Thursday, "An Eclectic Evening" or something like that. I can't wait!


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