Here's a little crumb

Yeah, 'cause a crumb is all I have energy for tonight!

Its the classic cycle. If we aren't busy, then I have nothing to blog about. If we are busy, I have tons to blog about but no time or energy to do it.

Actually, come to think of it, when aren't we busy?

But busy is good. At least, its good for our family. We love to experience things and don't like missing out. Although we all treasure our alone time and don't require constant entertainment to be happy, we enjoy staying active.

Sometimes its hard to find a balance, though. For instance, last Friday Jayce's therapy was moved to a different day. We suddenly found ourselves completely free of commitments after school.

Now, we could have just gone home and done nothing. Or, we could have gone home and gotten the dishes done, the laundry switched out, the floor swept, the bathrooms cleaned in anticipation of "Cleaning Saturday".

Instead, we called up a friend and hightailed it to the park (that is not near our house and consequently, we do not visit often). We spent 2 hours enjoying the sunshine until the temps dropped enough to make us chilly. We had a wonderful time running around and catching up with old friends.

Well, until we got home anyway.

Oh the guilt. The guilt was overwhelming as soon as I walked in the door and saw the dishes piled up in the sink. And saw the full dishwasher of clean dishes ready to be unloaded. And the two loads of clothes in the washer and dryer respectively.

Then I looked at the time and realized I needed to get a move on if I wanted to have dinner ready at a decent hour.

Sometimes it just sucks trying to be SUPERMOM!, ya know? Something always has to give. Usually its the house and the housework that goes with it. But then I feel guilty when I see so many other SAHM's who have immaculate homes. *They* find time to clean, why can't I?

Oh well.... life is filled with stuff that needs to be balanced. Priorities will be assigned and eventually everything will get done. I just hope we remember to stop and play during life :)


  1. You are a great mom Jess! None of your kids will remember the dirty dishes or the laundry (until they run out of clean undies :) ). They will remember a fun day at the park!

  2. Still interested in pictures, but things are NUTS around here. Will get in touch in a couple weeks or so....

  3. I would be willing to bet that the other SAHM's with immaculate houses either a) knew you were coming and fluff-and-stuffed to make it look nice before you got there, or b) have at least one good "junk room" in the house. A lived in house just CANNOT be clean all the time! Or even all that much, for that matter. At least not with young kids...

    You made the right call, you know :) Playdate at the park is what your kids needed more!

  4. You know, I'm working on a post about this very subject - how we all fall into the trap of comparing ourselves (or our homes or our kids) to others. I think the Blogosphere makes it even easier to do this, but I'm really trying to just focus on being the best version of myself that I can be.

    You're a wonderful mom and you know what's important: Cherishing our children and not worrying so much about the dirty laundry. I'd rather chase a sprinting toddler than dust bunnies any day! :)

  5. Which really matters the most? Your kids could care less how clean the house is, but they will remember that their mom would give up anything to be with them and make them happy. That DOES make you a SUPERMOM!!!

  6. I agree with the post by Kate Wicker. I find myself comparing myself to everyone and thinking they are all SuperMom's and I am just a failure. So I try to focus on just our world. We usually don't have any set schedules and most of the time we do things spur of the moment and those tend to be the best time we have. My kids can care less about the house and Jeremy doesn't care, even though I have been working a lot harder at being a better SAHM. It's taking me 4 years but I think I am getting better with it now.

    Glad you chose to have fun instead.

  7. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Everyone has their good days and everyone has their bad days.


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