Sunny Days

Well, huh....

Imagine that.

I actually post something about the rain going away and it actually worked. I should get a medal or something. You know, controlling the weather like that.

So, the rain went away. And the clouds blew away. Then the wind died down. And we were left with a gorgeous setting sun amidst a beautiful blue sky. After riding bikes and trikes and scooters for an hour, Jaina decided we should go on a walk through our neighborhood, pushing Jayce in the stroller that he's too big for. I grabbed my camera and we were off:

I have a feeling that the sun is around to stay all weekend long :)


  1. Love Jayce's expression in that picture where he's in the stroller - it's like he's wondering why you're letting Jaina push him around like a baby when he's a big boy! :)

    And I also love the one of Jaina by herself with the stroller on the hill. Lovely. Enjoy the sun!

  2. Anonymous4:47 PM

    So I have an ignorant question for you. I understand how warm it is where you live, but how cold does it get too? And do I see that the trees' leaves turn color too? Do they lose their leaves?


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