Loved too much

Can something be loved too much?


We just patch up the love-worn spots and love on it some more.

This blankie has been in the family since Jaina's birth. My aunt Diane sent Jaina this blanket and matching newborn nightgown. It was the perfect light weight blanket to become a "lovey" but Jaina picked *my* pink blankie that my mother had made me before I was even born. So this blankie got packed up in the baby box.

When I found out that I was pregnant with Jayce, I went through the baby box and pulled out all the gender-neutral things I could find. This blanket would be in use again very soon. It doubled as a tummy-time blanket and an emergency burp cloth. In the summer it was perfect for a light cover while riding in the car seat. Then Jayce became a toddler and I encouraged him to use the blanket as comfort, although he wasn't attached to any blanket or stuffed animal at all.

Now Jayce loves his blankie. Loves it so much that he wore a hole in it. That's how you know a blankie is loved, you know. And a few weeks ago, it received its very first patch. Jayce picked out the fabric and helped Gray sew it on. I have a feeling it will be just a first of many.


  1. My kids haven't loved any of their blankies that much. We do have some stuffed animals that I had to figure out how to wash successfully because they were quite filthy from being taken everywhere.

    You commented on EI over on my blog and I must say that I wish they had started my daughter's EI services in the February (a couple months after she turned 2) when we were suspicious of a problem rather than waiting until July.

  2. You truly have the best mom ever. We have lots of holes in things here and would love some love patches :)

    Aunt Diane is great for giving presents. She gave Joshua an ABC quilt when he was born. She has done
    so much for our family. Just love her so much too.

    I still have a basket full of infant baby toys and Justin still plays with them all. I think our favorite is a little frog my sister gave him.

  3. I think Nate will be like blankey baby. He snuggles right upto it to fall asleep. We'll see.

  4. This is so sweet! I don't think we've ever loved holes in blankies, either :) But Connor is just now getting attached to a blanket, too. He needs something to be attached to other than his momma!

    And by the way, I made a quick incognito trip to Summerville, SC to visit a friend and help with her new baby. My mom, sister, and niece came down for lunch on Saturday, but I wasn't there for socializing so I didn't tell hardly anyone I was there. We'll get together next time I'm in town - promise!

  5. Anonymous8:55 AM

    My brother's blankie needed some patching also. Mine stood up to the test of time. And yes, I still have it!

  6. jess, that is so stinkin sweet. great photos too.


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