First things first: Halloween 2009

Before I start backtracking in order to blog about all the things I've missed this last month, I figured I'd start with the most important, and recent, activity.

Halloween 2009!!

Gray and her babies:

Our three pumpkins:
Jaina: Patrick the starfish from Spongebob
Jayce: Robin from batman's R symbol
Brian: Batman symbol

We got the scary pumpkin eating 3 little pumpkins idea from a Family Fun magazine :)

Jayce showed off his "balancing a treat bucket on the head" trick. Don't ask me why!

Heading up to the first house across the street!

We didn't let the drizzle and wet streets keep us home!

Trick-or-treating at our neighbor's house next door:

This year, I can actually post pictures of our costume choices! For once, I am not worried about offending anyone!

And just like in the show "Its the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown", Lucy had to use Chuck as her model. Model for a jack-o-lantern face, that is!


  1. Love the pictures. What great costumes! I love the jack-o-lantern face on Brian's head.

  2. Beautiful pictures. Glad to see everyone happy.

    How did you do the custom header? I like it.

  3. Cute! And I'm noticing a super hero theme for Jayce... knowing his dad, will this be a regular thing? I love you guys as Chuck and Lucy, too :) So what were you last year??

  4. The costumes and photos are fantastic! You really have a great eye for photography. Looks like everyone had fun.

  5. great costumes you guys! love that first photo of jayce too.

  6. Rossana3:31 PM

    I can't believe she is wearing flipflops. we have to keep our costumes big so we can wear our winter jackets under them. I'm moving!!!

  7. Love the costumes and love the pumpkins! Looks like you guys had a fun Halloween!

  8. jayce looks SUPER cute as robin and jaina is so pretty! love the halloween festivities. :)


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