The Beach....

.... was a little slice of heaven for all of us! The sun felt so good and warm. The cool breeze was perfect.

The water? Well, the water felt like dipping your feet into ice water. I made a pact with myself not to enter even my big toe after I felt how cold it was. Photography, however, won out. I didn't bring my zoom lens with me and I was shooting with my 85mm portrait lens. If I wanted pictures of the kids where they didn't look like little ants, I had to climb in the ocean after them.

They certainly didn't mind how cold it was!

But, eventually they turned slightly blue and decided to come out and play in the sand.

We managed to stay down at the beach for about 2 hours before the kids were worn out. Even with all the sand in the car afterwards, it was totally worth it :)


  1. Aww..I want to be THERE..with you!!

  2. The beach looks wonderful! We went to the beach yesterday.....a lake beach, boy would I LOVE a day at the ocean!

  3. I want to be at the beach :-)

    Thanks for following me on Blog Frog.

  4. So cute! It is WAY too cold for me to go swimming still, but the kids have been asking to go for the past month :)

  5. The kids look like they had such a blast! So much fun!

  6. It's amazing how kids don't seem to mind the cold... Mine have both been asking to go to the beach since early this year. The weather hasn't really been beach weather yet though. :(

  7. LOVE the photos! :) So cute.

    That seagull one is beautiful!


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