On Sunday

We were able to catch a few hours with Uncle Jeff, despite his busy weekend schedule. I'm so very appreciative any time Jeff clears time for us. It means SO much to my kids. They think their Uncle Jeff is just the coolest person in the world. (They would think the same thing of their uncles Jason and Jeremy as well if they saw them more often!)

Lunch was at Fuddruckers. I won't tell you what Jayce calls this restaurant. I bet you can guess :) I have to keep reminding him to put the "uddr" in the name.

Thanks Jeff!! My kids now think you can supply them with an endless amount of tokens to waste on arcade games. :)

After lunch, the kids and I went to a park just to enjoy the weather and give Dad and Kim a break from the incessant talking both kids do.

It was so nice just to chill with the kids for a few hours. No huge commitments, no schedules to keep, no rushing. It was a beautiful day :)

But all beautiful days and weekends must come to an end. We packed up our stuff, gave hugs and kisses to Grandma Kim and Grandpa Lee, said thank you for the lovely visit, and headed home.

But Jayce said it was time to go, and so it was. I'm sure we'll be back later this summer!


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