I Heart Faces 2010 Photowalk in Columbia!!!

Goodness, I am so excited. Just beyond excited!!


I just signed up for my favorite photography blog's 2010 Photowalk!!

Originally, I had thought they had lined up leaders in Greenville, SC, which is a lot closer to my house than Columbia. But Cola isn't too terribly far at all :) (Although it will take me longer to drive there round trip than the actual photo walk, but who cares?)

And get this... guess who the leader is? None other than Keli Hoskins who writes for Kidnapped by Suburbia which is an awesome blog to read. AUGH! You mean I get to meet her?? She's like a celebrity in the Blogosphere :) I'm so incredibly excited!

Okay, just had to share. Go head to I Heart Faces right now and figure out if there's a Photowalk for you to join in your neck of the woods!

(Melissa, I am so bummed there is no one signed up for Southern Florida!! I think next year they'll expand it)


  1. I've signed up for the one in Detroit! I'm excited :)

  2. That's so exciting for you! :) I know you'll have a blast!

  3. I just signed up TODAY! I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself. See you soon. :)

  4. i'm just now seeing this and giggling b/c i am SO NOT a great blogger!! i had so much fun meeting you and then getting to see you at the zoo.

    your kids are absolutely amazing (as are you)! xoxo


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