Jayce's Birthday Day

We did, in fact, end up dropping everything and going to the park that afternoon. We could only stay for an hour because of Jaina's piano lesson, but it was so worth it. I loved chatting with my MOMS Club mommy friends and the kids loved playing in the gorgeous 70 degree sunny weather.

I guess almost 8 year olds are too cool to be seen using playground equipment the correct way.

 Oh, I guess the newly 5 year old has to copy the almost 8 year old. I should have seen that coming!

After giving mommy heart attacks, we headed home to get ready for Jayce's mini-party that night.

I think I've mentioned before that we weren't doing official big birthday bashes for the kids this year? That was the compromise I made with my husband when discussing wooden playset options. Jayce is totally cool with it. He didn't even ask to go to Monkey Joe's or Chuck E. Cheese's this year.

Instead, we made his day special in other ways.

Carmen, his former EI, brought him a bunch of balloons while he was in school.

You should have seen his face when he walked in the house! He said, "What are those balloons there?"

I answered, "Well, sometimes people like to celebrate  birthdays with balloons."

"Today is my birthday. I'm five, " he said.

And then the light bulb went off.

"MY balloons?? My birthday balloons!!" I tried to get him to talk to Carmen on the phone and tell her thank you, but he was being shy.

Not too long after, my mom came over with presents and his cake.

Can we say "spoiled much?" considering my mom and Monica went in together to get Jayce his very own scooter, which he loves. No, she had to buy him three other little presents, too. I think she has a serious shopping problem. I think she passed it down to me, too! So I really can't complain :)

The cake was from a local bakery that I had never used before. Jayce was very specific about his wants this year. It had to be a Robin (not Batman whatsoever) and he had to have a purple "R" suit, not a red/green/yellow one.

The only solution was to go with the bakery that could scan a printed picture and then print the image on edible icing paper. Then they had to go over it in purple icing to make the modification.

Eh, I thought it turned out okay. It was rather pricey for what it was. It did taste very very good, though! I hope he picks something easier to make next year. I'd rather use my friend Dodi :)

He did an excellent job blowing candles out :) This is the very first year he did not need any help at all. Oh, and please excuse the number of candles that the bakery included on the cake. I promise my son is 5 years old, not 20-something!

After cake we opened presents.

Jaina bought the following presents for Jayce with her own money from her allowance.

She originally had $14 to spend, but as we were shopping for Jayce, she found a necklace for $10 that she just had to buy.  She was then able to spend $3 plus tax on her brother. Hence the frisbee, matchbox car, and dinosaur, all from Walmart's $1 section. Jayce absolutely loved them!

When you asked Jayce what he wanted for his birthday, he'd say, "A Robin cake with a purple R and a Green Goblin like Kyler's!"

There ya go, buddy!!

Of course, he had to go and call Miss Brittany immediately to tell her about his Green Goblin. He wanted to talk to Kyler, but he was already in bed due to the time!

The rest of the evening was spent taking pictures and cuddling :) What a great combination!

Oh, and not to leave Jaina out, but she scored an "un-birthday" present from Grandma. My Grandma Cain used to do the same thing for us when it was a sibling's birthday. Do you do that in your family, too?

 And last, but not least, I got a picture of my little man and me on his birthday :) Thanks mom!

(It was after 9 PM, there was no way we'd get a smile outta him!)

All in all, his birthday was a wonderful success! Of course, we could have done without the stomach virus that descended upon Jaina exactly one hour after this photo was taken and would last over 12 hours with vomiting. Hopefully when we remember Jayce's 5th birthday, we won't remember how miserable his sister was!


  1. Anonymous11:06 PM

    what a cool day. that cake rocks! and this had me laughing... "After giving mommy heart attacks..." all in a day's work eh? :)

  2. I like Dodi cakes too! :) A few months ago, I added an edible printer/paper on my Christmas list. Maybe I'll get one one day.

  3. What a cutie! Hope he had a great birthday!

  4. Happy birthday! Great cake! :) These shots are so sweet...looks like everyone had a good day.

  5. I totally had to laugh at Jayce copying Jaina on the playground! We are dealing with the same thing here, only it's CONNOR copying his sisters. Heart attack is right!

  6. I totally had to laugh at Jayce copying Jaina on the playground! We are dealing with the same thing here, only it's CONNOR copying his sisters. Heart attack is right!


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