Boys Will Be Boys

Now, its no secret that Jaina and Ashlan are best friends (despite their moments of sibling-like bickering). And that leaves Kyler and Jayce to adopt the same title for themselves. When the boys first met in August of 2008, they were only 3 years old. Sharing didn't go so well. Neither did pretend play (Kyler loved pretending, Jayce didn't know how). Jayce quickly found out that hugging Kyler made him upset, so he seemed to make it a personal goal to hug Kyler as much as he could in the short time they were together. Needless to say, it was not always smooth sailing with the boys.

But all of that has changed. Both Kyler and Jayce have matured so much in the past (almost) two years. I still can't get over how well they played together and got along during our trip. It just thrills me to no end to see Jayce engage appropriately with another little boy his age. 

From early Friday morning, the boys were inseperable.

They played Wii and Ninetendo DS together.

Kyler graciously offered one of his dress-up costumes for Jayce to wear. I don't really think Jayce knows very much about Power Rangers, but he certainly enjoyed the costume!

Kyler was Dash from Incredibles, of course.
And here's my little Power Ranger.
The boys also got out the Elefun Game. We have one of these at home as well, but its much more fun to play with a friend :)

Jayce misses Kyler already and has asked several times today when we are going back to Miss Brittany's house to see his best friend :) If only it wasn't a 6 hour drive....


  1. What a fun reunion. What great moments you captured. and I love marveling at Jayce's progress in the social realm. You are one good mama!

  2. Aww...nothing sweeter than best friends! Great pictures. You captured some wonderful memories!


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