Red Robin

We've only been to our friend's house twice since they moved, but its never too soon to start a tradition, right?

And that tradition would be eating at their local Red Robin restaurant :)

Yes, I know I live a mere 30 miles away from my own local Red Robin's. I've never been to that one, though. I'd rather drive 6 hours for the one in NC. That one has much better company :)
The kids all love Red Robin because of the balloons. You'd think they were worth hundreds of dollars!

They also like to color:

And smile cute:

And look bored:

Jayce said the food took "2 hours!" to cook. It didn't. Its just that time for him is either 5 minutes or 2 hours. There is no in between!

I have to admit that my burger was not very tasty this time. And our server kinda forgot about us... a lot. But I'm a very forgiving restaurant patron, especially since working in a restaurant from the time I was 16, so I'll be back!


  1. Aw, Jayce looks so cute looking bored in that last pic. :) It's funny how they exaggerate, eh? J does that, too. When we get stuck behind another car in traffic, even though we just pulled up, he'd immediately ask me to honk my horn. When I'd calmly explain that it's not going to help because the light is red, he would exclaim (complete with hands in the air), "But we're going to be here FOREVER!"

  2. We LOVE Red Robin, too! :) We actually went there this past Monday. WITHOUT the kids this that was a nice change. Hope y'all have a great weekend!

  3. I am watching what I eat currently, so Red Robin is out. I do love the California chicken "burger" they make. YUM!

  4. Anonymous9:12 AM

    I very much enjoy Red Robin. I don't feel like I have to fight the battle of the volume the whole time. Usually it's been pretty good!
    Your pictures are very cute!

  5. Yay for tradition!!!! I love traditions. And red robin is delicious!

  6. I love Red Robin. Its one of my favorite places.


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