Our "real" Spring Break

Yesterday brought the beginning, tomorrow brings the end, and somewhere in the middle we became the best of friends.  ~Author Unknown
Although the beginning of our Spring Break wasn't what we had hoped, we certainly made up for it by the end of the week. We threw some shorts and swimsuits in a suitcase and hit the highway bound for the beaches of Southeastern North Carolina.

But we weren't just going for the scenery....

We had some friends to see and some seriously playing to do :)

After 6 hours in the car, the giggly girls ran off upstairs to play while the boys immediately went outside. We had arrived just in time for some gorgeous sunset light :)

(It still amazes me how different the sunlight is in each area I visit!)

Our friends have a huge playground practically in their backyard. Our 4 children pretty much lived there all weekend.

Kyler is a whiz on the monkey bars! I guess when you practice something every single day, you get really good at it! Jayce was most impressed that Kyler could "skip two" and has since talked about it every 5 minutes here at home.

It was true that Jayce was a little disappointed that he couldn't do the monkey bars without lots of assistance, but don't let this photo tear at your heartstrings. He's not pouting. Jayce makes a lot of really funny facial expressions lately. Just another one of his many quirky stims :)

Upper arm strength must run in the family because Ashlan can go fast on the monkey bars, too. And the pull-up bar!
The boys didn't need the park to keep them occupied. There was plenty to do outside like play in pick-up trucks and ride big wheels.

And this was just the first 2 hours we were there!

Check back tomorrow for pictures from Friday! It feels so good to be back online. Off to go catch up on my own blog reading!


  1. Oh, sounds like so much fun! :)

  2. Anonymous8:00 PM

    This looks like so much fun! And the light in your pictures is amazing! So pretty! What beach do y'all go to?


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