Tucker in the Spring

Allergies be damned... we played outside anyway!

The kids were a little perplexed at why Aunt Jami was not living at home anymore.

It didn't stop them from using her old room just as they pleased.

We went over to Aunt Jami's new apartment on Saturday morning. Don't be offended Jami, but my first impression of the place was that the Disney store threw up Princesses in your place!

But I know that's just how Jami wanted it :)

I love how her bedroom turned out! Kim is a great DIY decorator!

Jayce made himself right at home with his favorite activity...

 But the happiest resident of them all is Buddy. Jami adopted Buddy months ago and has been boarding him at the Vet's office where she works. She was thrilled to be able to take him "home" finally :)

More pictures of our trip will come tomorrow!


  1. yay! love seeing pics of you and your family in good old tucker. oh the memories.... and i sure miss spring back there. idaho's spring are nothing to write home about that's for sure.....

  2. I love the pics. Her apartment is so cute!!

  3. I live in Tucker! Are you from Tucker? My husband and I both grew up here and now we live here. Small world. Thanks for all your kind comments on my blog :) I love your pictures -- your kids are cute!


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