Upstate Cares Fishing Tournament

Thanks so much for making it through the 5 billion posts about our weekend in NC :) I'm done! I promise! I won't make you see their cute dogs or anything.

Okay, I lied. But now I really am done. Until the next time we see them.... :)

So, we got back to SC and then hit the ground running on Monday morning. I did not pick up my camera once all during the week. Our week was filled with the typical therapy/piano/school/LLL/playdate/etc that usually happens.

Our weekend wasn't any less hectic. Friday night was my monthly Book Club gathering :) I was a slacker and didn't read the book (The Bridge) but it sounds like pretty much no one read it. Our next pick is When We Were Orphans and looks very promising :)

Saturday morning started out with Jaina's Spring Piano recital. I'll be putting up video when I have time to upload it. :)

Afterwards, the kids, Brian, my mom, and I all had lunch together. Then Brian rushed off to Greenville to attend the local beer festival with his friends and co-workers while I took the kids (with my mom) to the Upstate Cares Fishing Tournament.

Okay, so honestly, fish kinda gross me out. And I certainly didn't participate in the catching of any of the fish.

But we were there for a great cause. Upstate Cares was the very first event that I've ever been to in our town that's soul purpose was to raise money for autism. In our community!! Every single cent raised (over $4,000!) went straight to the South Carolina Autism Society. This organization is especially important to our family. We use an advocate from SCAS that attends all of Jayce's IEP meetings... for free! And we get service coordination from SCAS, too. They are amazing people that really work hard for the SC autism community :)

The kids had a great time!

I had a lot of fun myself :) Hi Carmen! You are a ROCK STAR!! :)

Hopefully this will be the start of something great every year for our area!


  1. Yay for autism fundraising! When I get my head around DS's dx (PDD-NOS, as of yesterday), I'm going to get involved in fundraising too. BTW, very cute dogs :)

  2. What a wonderful thing!

  3. I MADE THE BLOG!!!! I am so excited! I hate to say that I was hoping to make it but.....I WAS!!!

  4. I can't believe we have another friend in common! Small world! Carmen is a sorority sister of mine!


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