Dogs and Friends

Its been a while since my last Shaggy update.

He's fit into our lives with ease. Its really not too much more work to have two dogs rather than one. (This is the same philosophy that I used to convince my husband we needed a second child as well!)

I think Shaggy loves it here. He wags his tail when he sees us. Loves to jump into our laps for a cuddle. Whines when he sees Jaina leave the house to go play outside in the front yard.

The problem?

Well, he's laying in Alli's spot for those above photos.

That is Shaggy's spot.

The other problem is that Shaggy believes both of those rawhide bones are his.

Oh, and both food bowls. And all of the jerky treats. And Alli's bed in her kennel.

I'm not quite sure Alli likes this new dog at all.

But, there is someone that is making friends with Shaggy for the first time since he came here.

When Shaggy first followed us home, he was a very timid dog. He did not run and jump, he did not lick or nip, he did not chew up little boys' shoes. Jayce liked this kind of dog very much.

Since Shaggy has become more comfortable in his new home, his personality has begun to shine. And this forces Jayce to avoid him at all costs.

Which is why I was very surprised to see Jayce come up to Shaggy like this yesterday afternoon.

I think Shaggy was loving this attention cautiously. He did not once get overly excited as to scare Jayce away.

Who knows? Maybe they'll be best friends now. :)

And poor Alli... will she ever get used to having Shaggy around?

Only time will tell.


  1. These are some of the sweetest pictures of Jayce and Alli. I am so glad he is working out so well for your family.

  2. Glad to see Shaggy has made himself at home. Hopefully he and Jayce will be best buds.

  3. What a sweet puppy post! I am currently looking for puppy #2 and I am happy to read that it's not too much more work! I am a little nervous!


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