Park Days

Fall also means "let's drop everything and head to the park!" days :) It may sound strange to you northerners who only get 8-10 weeks of 80 degree summer a year, but we don't go outside hardly at all from June to August.

Its just too darn hot. The only times that there isn't a heat advisory in effect is at 8 AM and 6 PM. Oh, and don't forget about the humidity.

So we reserve our park days for Spring and Summer mostly. Oh, and those random days through out the year when its unseasonably the right temperature for the park. You just never know in South Carolina :)

You gotta love those 30 degree temperature changes. It was 54 degrees this morning at 7 AM. The high today is predicted to be in the mid-80's. Jaina's in long sleeves right this second and I can bet you anything that she'll be changing into shorts soon.

And my husband is complaining that I haven't switched their Fall clothes all the way over yet in their closet? Really?

That's another rant for another post :)

So, this week we found ourselves at a local park after school on 3 separate occasions.

Although, maybe going to the *same* park three times in one week does get a little old. We may try a different park next week :)


  1. Great shots! :) I would love some of that hot weather...I'm not a fan of cold/cool weather really at all. But I'm outnumbered at my house I think. :) I like the changing seasons, but hot weather is my favorite.

  2. Right there with you on the horrible humid hot SC summers! What I really don't like is the 80 degree Christmases we have had in the past! Come on, really? Shorts on Christmas day? Geesh! So glad you are getting to the park...we'll be heading that way tomorrow afternoon I think. Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. I am loving the nice weather!!! I was up early opening the windows so I could clean the house!!! Supposed to be near 80 here in Ohio as well!! I may just have to go to the park for dinner after reading your post!!!

  4. I'd love to go to a different park every time - but we only have one in our area that's fully fenced. Decision made!

  5. Impromptu park days are the BEST! We ended up taking a picnic out Saturday evening... *blissful sigh*

  6. park sometime this week perhaps?!? :)


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