Jaina the Therapist

The thing with having therapists in your home 9 hours a week is that the become part of your family :) So not only Jayce benefits from the programs they teach, but Jaina and I get friends at the same time!

Jaina just adores these ladies :) She's always drawing pictures for them or sharing news of her day.

When she saw their pink hair extensions to support October's Breast Cancer Awareness  Month, she just had to get in on the fun!

Its hard to see Kimberly or Meg's hair extensions, but I promise they are there!

We have so much fun with these ladies. After all, their main job is to help Jayce be the most like a typical 5 year old boy as possible by enjoying the things all kids like!

Like cookies!

More Fall pictures to come later!


  1. I hope he enjoyed the cookie! I'm glad you have wonderful therapists for your little guy! They look like very nice ladies.


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