Little Ivy

My husband is friends with many of his co-workers, people who have become very dear to our family over the years.  I met his friend Julie when she came to our own baby shower to help us prepare for Jaina's arrival over 8 years ago. We still have the blanket that she gave us that day :)  We knew we'd be celebrating Julie's growing family soon after.

Julie and her husband Jason have an adorable son named Ian who is 3 years old. And just a little over a week ago, they welcomed a new baby girl into their family.

Ivy was born with what seemed to be no complications. But soon after her birth, doctors were worried that she had not passed meconium like she should have. They weren't sure if it was simply a hardened plug, or a twist in her small intestines, or maybe something wrong with her colon. After many scans, x-rays, and upper GI barium tests, they still haven't come to a conclusion yet. It may be that some of her small intestines have too narrow of an opening.

You can read more about her NICU stay on her CaringBridge site.

I normally do not solicit prayers from my blog. You guys know that's not my style. But it can't hurt, right? Only help?

Ivy's story hits so close to home. For I used to be a baby in the NICU as well, with dysfunctional small intestines with multiple surgeries in my future. My parents believed that I was their miracle baby. That the power of prayer is how the surgeon that saved my life was even in Southern Florida at the time.

So, if you aren't the praying type, that's fine. Send some healing vibes, get-well-soon dust, or just keep little Ivy in your thoughts.

If you do pray, can you please add Ivy and her family to your prayers?

I know her family, her mom Julie especially, will appreciate it.


  1. What a beautiful baby! We'll definitely keep her in our prayers!

  2. Too sweet. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. thank you for those yarn and knitting photos. i know they weren't *for* me, but i'll enjoy them anyways :P


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